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Tai Chi for Relaxation &
Self Defence Class


ALL STUDENTS begin with the Sun style 12 form which is suitable to learn in a relatively short period of time. This provides a solid foundation to move to the next level which will include other forms/kata and styles such as Yang 24 form, Sun 73 form, Yang 42 form, Chen 36 form, Yang 52 Tai Chi Fan form and will include  traditional Goju Ryu Karate kata/forms.


This class also includes optional two person practice of Goshin Jitsu

including self defence applications of the form/kata

using principle of "minimum effort with maximum efficiency" ,

All classes are geared to individual capabilities of the student with the option

to participate or not to participate in any activity in any class.





​SEE WEBSITE BELOW  for Tai Chi for Health Classes 

​which DO NOT focus on martial arts or self defence applications.

These are available through Master Trainer Elva Arthy's
Tai Chi for Health & Community Fitness School with 

Sakurakan-QUBBA - Queensland United Black Belt Assn Inc - est 1960 


Tai Chi for Health - see website -


For differences between Tai Chi for Health and

Tai Chi for Martial Arts please refer to copy of article

- The “Text and Context” of How to Teach Tai Chi Effectively - 

by Elva Arthy and Denis Arthy

published and presented at First International Tai Chi for Health Conference in Korea 2006 and available at 



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